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  • 如何快速给除尘器更换除尘布袋呢s10竞猜地址?
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      为了保证安全s10竞猜地址,一定要在安装好一个除尘布袋后再安装下一个s10竞猜地址。以上就是如何快速给除尘器更换除尘布袋的方法s10竞猜地址s10竞猜地址s10竞猜地址,希望对大家有所帮助!Generally, the dust bag of the dust remover is gradually worn, and the main reason for the wear of the dust bag is the grinding force of the dust. In addition, there are also the reasons for the deterioration of the filter material and the corrosion of the chemical substances caused by the high temperature.
When the grinding force of dust is very strong or the dust accumulates to a certain extent, the bottom of the dust bag will be very worn. In addition, the increase of filtering speed will also lead to the wear of the dust bag. When the bag is damaged, the damaged bag should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid the accelerated scrapping of the dust collector. However, if there is only a small hole in the dust bag, you can use the old dust bag instead of replacing it completely. However, if the dust bag is damaged in a large area, it must be replaced completely. When replacing the dust bag for the dust remover, first stop the operation of the dust remover equipment, then close the dust controller and disassemble the dust bag. When taking out the dust bag, take out the bag cage first, then pinch the spring ring at the mouth of the dust bag into a concave shape, and pull out the damaged dust bag upward.
Before installing the new dust bag, it is necessary to clean up the dust falling from the flower plate hole, and then install the new bag. Installation of dust bag can be said to be the most careful and patient part of all links. When placing dust bag, be sure not to bump or scratch the dust bag and sharp objects. Even a small scratch will shorten the service life of the bag. Therefore, when installing the dedusting bag, put the dedusting bag into the dedusting bag room from the flower plate hole of the box first, then pinch the spring ring at the opening of the dedusting bag into a concave shape, and carefully put it into the flower plate of the box. Then make the spring ring return to its original state, so that it can be tightly pressed on the circumference of the flower hole, and finally gently stab the bag cage from the opening of the dust removal cloth bag until the protective cover on the upper part of the bag cage is just pressed on the flower plate hole in the box body.
In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to install one dedusting bag before installing the next one. The above is how to quickly change the dust bag for the dust remover. I hope it can help you!
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